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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Oh there's nothing like an early blog to loosen up your creative process. I enjoy having to rack my brains for interesting stuff to tell you about. I have been absolutely computertastic this morning. I have sent numerous emails and caught up on all my gallery correspondence. I now intend to spend the afternoon indulging in some drawing and maybe the odd thriller or two. 
The students came and saw Andrews' show this morning and I think they were all suitably impressed. I just sat and tapped away at my keyboard whilst he regaled them with stories of his cravat wearing art student days. 
I love the fact that Art College was this melting pot of people who without the restriction of compulsory school uniform tried an assortment of looks with varying degrees of success. I had a complete preoccupation with second hand shops and Dr Martens. I am pleased to say that there are no photographs of me in my possession but I have heard it rumored that they do exist elsewhere.
I remember vividly, everyone trying to figure out what it was they wanted to project and let the world see. The most adventurous thing was a nose piercing I know that today that is a very different story. In fact it is probably stranger to see a student without any piercing. How times change.
I know I continually bombard you with gallery related information but that is what this blog is for after all. So the picture is of the invite to Jims Private View.  If you can make it, you would be very welcome.
Day off tomorrow so that means that I have to go get a haircut in preparation for the wedding on Saturday.
I'll see you back here on Thursday! 

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