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Monday, 9 May 2011

Driller Killer

I woke to the sound of drilling through brick this morning. It is not a pleasant sound and it was in fact so horrible that I sought refuge at the gallery. So for one week only, until my neighbours have finished their bathroom I will be opening at 10.00 and closing at 4.00 to dodge the crazy noise.
I'm fresh from the watching a double episode of a thriller called Case Sensitive. It was pretty good I didn't work out whodunnit. That's always a sign of a good thriller. I have had a productive day as I managed to get through a pile of jobs that I have been putting off.
I am getting some last minute interest in the Abstract show which is good it should be an excellent show.
I will just quickly report that the Hen Do was a roaring success and I think everyone that attended had a really good time. A note to one of my regular blog readers, I managed the pink perfectly, you'd have loved all the pink!
I just want to help publicize some of the events that are happening during Purbeck Art Week, some friends of the gallery are opening their studios to let people see their work. You can find all of this out on the website but you may just be looking at my blog on the random off chance.
The dates are from Saturday 21st May until Sunday 5th June.
Bonnie Brown and Brian Bishop are showing their work at  White Yard Studio which is 84 Kings Road West, BH19 1HR for all you Sat Navvers who like to be told exactly where to go. Georgina Fermer is also showing her work at The Crow's Nest, Cliff Place BH19 2PL.

Georgina Fermer
It would be great if you could go along and have a look, as the artists put a lot of work into opening their studios etc top the public and the more people that attend the more inclined they are to continue doing so. Please show your support by attending.
Now just another plug for Jim Hunters' show which will be held at my gallery also starting on Saturday 21st May with a talk on the Thursday 26th May.
I am looking forward to a visit from a group of students who will be coming tomorrow, to see their tutors show Andrew Piesley just before it comes down. I think it is good for students to realize that their lecturers actually practice what they teach.
One day I will reveal some of the random conversations that I have with visitors to the gallery. I know it will make a right riveting read which many of you won't actually believe.
Just a reminder for anyone planning to visit at the weekend, the gallery will be shut on Saturday as I will be wearing a skirt..........and attending a wedding. For those of you who know me and think my legs solely reside in denim they do come out on special occasions and this is a particularly special occasion.

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