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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Art Is Like A Pair Of Shoes

Now That Is What I Call A Pair of Shoes

If you walk into a shoe shop and you spot a pair of shoes you instantly hear an internal voice that says to you 'Buy Me'. That is the voice that you should trust. It's the same voice that says to you when you don't buy them and you're sat at home 'I wish I'd bought those shoes'. Well, that's the same voice that speaks to you when you look at art. That feeling you have when you look at a painting that moves you and makes you want to own it because you feel like your life would be better if you could look at it every day.
I am going to champion the cause of that inner voice because I feel that it gets a raw deal.
Buying art is one of those things that people struggle with as it is not seen as a necessity and in this time of recession it is fairly low down the list of priorities.
If you look at it from a different perspective, to have something beautiful in your home that you can look at every day and get a positive feeling from having seen it surely that makes your life better.
The cynics may read this and think that I have an ulterior motive as a gallery owner. I don't, I just think that I know people who will think nothing of spending £100+ on a night out and all they have to show for it the next day is either a temporarily full stomach, a hangover or a combination of the two. Unless the money has been spent on a cultural experience of course.
Buy more art it will enrich your life exponentially. Trust me I'm an artist/gallery owner.
Here endeth the lecture.
To say that the gallery has been busy would be busy would be an understatement. Today was officially the busiest day since I opened. 42 people walked through the door and the day is not over yet.
I will be opening tomorrow from 12.00 - 4.00. So if you fancy soaking up a bit of culture on a Sunday afternoon then you know where to come.
That's it I am typed out.

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