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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

Apparently I do not exist and I don't live at my address. It is a little daunting to hear a complete stranger say  that to you. But the good news is that after I spoke to someone at the same company ten minutes later they confirmed that I did in fact exist and I lived at my home address. Scary to think that someone can wipe you off the face of the earth and you can be found again within minutes by someone else.
I want to share another of life's ironies. My chair arrived, but in order to put it together it caused my back to ache. But now I am sat on it I feel very comfortable indeed.
If you wanted to buy a painting and you had the cash and the perfect place too hang it.......would you buy it? I know I would but apparently I am fairly unique. It is a shame because the work is so fantastic I would have hoped to have sold some more.
I have decided to open on Wednesday for a couple of hours to give Jan every opportunity to make a sale. I look forward to having some actual time off because at the moment I really am working all the hours. But I totally understand that running your own business means that your life is no longer your own.
I have been told that I should not refer to Wednesdays as my day off any more. I think that seems like a good idea but I also mourn the idea of a day of rest in the week.
Oh well, nothing ventured and all that.
Well, it's time to go and see about doing some actual work. In honour of my new chair I tidied my office and had a general desk decluttering. Feels a bit posh in here now.

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