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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Same Thing In A Different Colour

As I predicted I spent a fun packed day in bed with a toilet roll, a glass of squash, cough medicine and cold and flu tablets. It was brilliant....not! I tried to watch a film but I didn't have the concentration span to see it through.
It was either that or it wasn't a particularly good film. I think it could be the latter.
I have a question, it's about art. If you saw a painting and you liked it, everything about it appealed to you, would you want it it in a different colour? It is one of the new fads at the gallery. People like a painting but somehow want it to be different. Jan Dagley had an entire gallery full of abstract interpretations of local landscapes and a few from further a field. Someone came in and said how much they liked her work and could she paint a picture inspired by the local landscape? Seriously, that's what happened.
I think the ones with Purbeck in the title must have escaped their attention.
Oh well, you live and learn.
I had a workshop this morning and considering that I feel rough it went really well. I have dosed myself up to the eyeballs. I hope that  I came across as less vacant than I actually felt. It really is satisfying watching someone get all fired up about the creative opportunities that learning a new skill makes possible.
I am sat here looking at my grubby windows thinking that I must really clean them but then again I also really must sit here in the warm and continue to contemplate the reality of actually cleaning the windows.
Anyway, I should probably try and focus on something other than my blog today. Wish me luck.
I still have a few books left from World Book Night so do pop in and get one in the next couple of days.

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