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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Where Have All The People Gone? Long Time Passing Part 2

After an unusually busy morning things have gone quiet at the gallery. I had barely flipped the sign and there was someone through the door engaging me in conversation. I have to tell you that my first conversation of the day is always the hardest I improve steadily with coffee and time. I get all tongue tied and struggle to remember anything.
It usually gets busy later on in the day but today seems to be the reverse. As I write four people have walked through the door.
It's the Private View for Jans show tonight but I have been plugging it all week so I thought I would get a plug in for an event that I am putting on later on in the month. I am going to be a World Book giver and if you would like a free copy of one of the best books I've ever read then now you know where to come. I think that I have fifty copies so do try and come and see me.
There are lots events taking place and if you walk past the gallery door look at the one with all the posters on and then you will know exactly what is going on locally in terms of art and music.
I am always a busy person but i intend to enjoy my day off tomorrow as I will be back at the gallery on Monday.
it is my builder Matts birthday weekend and he has some serious celebrating to do.
Since the last sentence I sold a painting which is all good. Let's hope that it is the first of many today. The other thing is that it has actually picked up in terms of people through the door.
You know you are invited so here's a reminder Jans' Private View is tonight at 5.00 and finishing at 8.00

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