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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spring Exhibition Has Sprung!

They did warn me that it was imminent but I didn't really take any notice of them. Who does? But now I see it I'm not sure that I like it. Only time will tell. What am I talking about? The new Blogger template thingy. Feels like I'm writing a word document now.
Anyway, as you can probably tell from my absence I have been super busy. It has been a very busy week. A workshop and taught another class, took a show down then put another one straight up. When I go quiet on the blog front it is generally because I am not sat in front of my computer all day, I'm doing all the practical chores that come with being a gallery owner.
The new show is the Spring Exhibition that I told you about. It is a real mixed bag of styles and I guarantee you there really is something for everyone in this one.
I made my first two sales within an hour of being open this morning. I literally had to print the price lists off to give to the customers who came in. Then they bought something. Fantastic, I can eat next month.
Have I ever told you how patient I am? Well I taught 16 year olds for 15 years that should give you some indication of how patient I can be. Well yesterday to say my patience wore thin would be an understatement.
I would definitely say that I much prefer to work on my own so I crank up the ipod and get on with it. I don't like being interrupted or watched. Suffice to say I had both happen yesterday and I actually growled twice. I know that I am generally considered a laid back person but when you are hanging an exhibition it is a serious business. The key thing to remember is that 'I do know what's best' in terms of how much work should go up. Less is more is my mantra.
But it was all up and labelled before I left last night. I think I may have been a little tired which didn't help my general grumpiness level.
Private View tonight so please pop in if you are in town. Starts at 5.00 and finishes at 8.00

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