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Monday, 16 April 2012

Spring Exhibition Starts Saturday!

The start of another week at the gallery and it has been a quiet one. Considering the sun is out! But having had a conversation with several other coastal gallery owners, it would seem that we are agreed that the best weather for us is overcast. As there is less possibility of  sitting on the beach therefore people mooch around the shops etc.
It's a tough one because I really would prefer it to be sunny from a personal point of view but as far as my business is concerned I'd like it warm but overcast.
I have to tell you that my fancy dress on Saturday was so impressive that many people failed to recognize me. More than one person said I should consider growing my hair. What perturbs me is that I was wearing a ginger wig. Before you start I have no problems with ginger in fact I would say I am quite a fan. But I'm black and a full head of fake ginger hair apparently looked great. I am more than a little concerned.
There are three days left of the Jan Dagley exhibition and I've told you many, many times that it is well worth a look.

Starting on Saturday there will be a new exhibition it will be the Spring Exhibition featuring eight local artists. It will be a diverse show with something for everyone.

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