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Sunday, 3 October 2010

All Pain, No Gain

I have hurt myself!!! I'm not exactly sure how but today I can hardly move my right hand. It sucks. As I am now one finger typing this it will be a short blog. I have managed to achieve very little today. I couldn't even cut my own roast potato on my roast dinner. I was reminded that it was a taste of things to come as I am getting old. I'm frowning as I write this. I am hoping that tomorrow my hand improves so that I will be able to do something other than hang my hand uselessly by my side. I'm self medicating and it should make the evening a little more interesting.
This is my one finger signing off. I know you love all of my little known facts. I am more prone to spelling mistakes when typing with one finger. If I was lazier this would have been a far funnier read as I've misspelt every second word. Dho!!!

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