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Sunday, 17 October 2010

This Isn't the Sound of Silence!

I'm not sure about anyone else but I am definitely a happier person when I wake up of my own accord. Under my own steam. With no rude alarms, slamming of doors or any other sound that interrupts my much needed sleep. I am terminally grumpy when someone or something wakes me up before I'm ready. I'm betting you've already guessed that I was rudely awoken this morning by noise. I'm not sure exactly what or who made the noise but it woke me up. I was having this brilliant dream, that I could skate on this very cool but bizarre skateboard it only had one wheel and I was the absolutely fantastic on it. I may be going through some kind of mid life crisis as I just keep daydreaming about skateboards and getting a Chopper. My friend Tara thinks that this is the case.

I have digressed as I meant to tell you about what I did at the gallery. Much earlier than originally planned I went down to the gallery and did my chores. Pulled up the rest of the carpet and took a car load of stuff to the dump. It is so nearly there that when I walk in I can almost picture it finished.
I have to also tell you about my decision re- the whole window debacle. As I went into the studio today The sun was streaming through the window and glinting off the Fire Escape staircase. I thought to myself, yes, it is a rubbish view but it's my view. Windows that you can't see out of suck ass. Those are for criminals surely. I am now thinking that I may have to back track to save the view. If a petition appears on my blog I will be asking you all to sign. I am half joking, but I have come to feel rather fond of my view and I feel that I gave in way to easily to the foolish request to frost them. I hope that it causes a huge confrontation as I will also say that I intend to open the windows as often as I like.
I have a day of emails and painting ahead of me tomorrow but I am resolved not to complain any more about it.
That's about all I have to say today. Watch this space for further 'Operation Open Window' news.


  1. If you get a chopper then i'll join you! I've wanted one for ages and you could be my inspiration! Loving your work :))))

  2. Hoggy,
    It's SO on. Let's do it! Thanks for reading. :))