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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Is Painting the new Drinking?

As I predicted yesterday I would come in today to find two flies who spent their last seconds trying to tug all six of their legs out of wet paint. I was wrong there's only one. The other planned a last minute escape which succeeded obviously. I'm pleased about that as I really didn't like the thought of their deaths being my fault. Only one death on my conscience now.
In Swanage we have been enjoying an Indian Summer of sorts but today autumn is here with a vengeance. I am doing all admin stuff so I'm pleasing my inner sedentary self on one hand and freezing my backside off on the other. I may well be over the monotony of painting every single day but it does keep you warm.
There's a first time for everything! Today is the day, I am waiting for my friend Rob to show up so I'm going to attempt to post my blog early for a change. My first blog written on site at the gallery, I have noticed that the earlier that I put it on the more people read it. I know you might find it hard to believe but at the end of a day spent up a ladder or on my hands and knees sometimes, and I mean sometimes, writing my blog is the last thing I want to do. But as I am ever so slightly obsessive compulsive about virtually everything why should writing my blog be any different? I started it so I better just get on with it and quit moaning about it.
I don't know why I should spare you the boring details of how my morning was spent. I'm nice so I will. Needless to say it started with paint and it finished with paint and it was punctuated with phone calls. My window is now finished. There was a note to self moment, even if it seems bright DO NOT paint with the light off. You will regret it the next day when you see your patchy, shoddy and downright pathetic job!
I'm sure that's all I need to say.
My friend Rob came by today and he really liked the gallery space. He can see the potential and like me cannot wait to see it finished. He also bought me his professional images. They look fantastic. I will put some on tomorrow when I've had a chance to look through them properly. He also reaffirmed my decision to get the Hell out of my last job. 'The more things change, the more they stay the same' is the adage I'd like to quote right now. For those of you French speakers out there, we know that sounds much better in French right?
This afternoon, I was temporarily absent from work as I was entertaining. It's an absolute joy on some occasions being your own boss. But as you are all aware there are pros and cons. Destiny's Child sang it way more tunefully than I ever could. Bills, Bills, Bills!!!
I forgot to mention it yesterday but I had my first dirty/nuisance phone call (recorded on my answer machine) at the gallery on Monday night. A man rang up, breathed heavily for a few seconds and then grunted a bit then hung up. I found it hilarious, and then I started to think about it, I'm not advertised any where so was this guy phoning the Bike Shop and is that what floats his boat? We live in worrying times.
I feel that I should let you guess what I'm going to be doing at the gallery tomorrow. It's an 8 letter word that starts with P and ends with G and it isn't planting, prancing or plopping. If you can't get it then I'm going to take a stab in the dark that you haven't been reading too carefully.
My 'SO' sensor is working after a fashion, it's still appearing more than I'd like but what can you do about it?
I'm going to order my false ceiling tiles and I'm hoping Lisa will make an appearance again soon and help me to fit the ceiling.

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