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Friday, 29 October 2010

Panic on The Streets of Swanage

I'm starting to get used to being responsible for two premises, but only just. I often wake up late at night with a rapid heartbeat and sweaty hands, and the thought that dominates my mind is 'Did I remember to lock the door?' This happens with my car too so I think that the minute I'm responsible for anything, I need to have panic attacks about them.
I have been doing my admin again today so it means that I am sat clickety clicking on my laptop. I am trying to go on a spending go slow as I have spent soooooooo much in the last two weeks that I am having panic attacks about that too. But spending is a necessary evil if I ever intend to get the gallery open and half as cool as I want it to be.
This means that I research everything to the nth degree as I want to get it at the best possible price. I'm sure that there are other people out there who do the same. If you are one of them, I can empathise with the tedium that you go through and the jubilation that you feel when you save a couple of pounds or get a total bargain.
I have got to go shopping for guess what? Starts with a P and ends with a T. Matt has revealed that under my the carpet on what I am calling my 3D stage there's a lovely wooden floor. It needs a little bit of work but with that and a lick of paint I think it's going to look great.
I have decided that I much prefer wood to carpet but at the moment it's all I can afford. I am going to have to find a carpet fitter that doesn't want to fleece me or lay a carpet as good as I can. Which is code for 'really badly'.
The more I am a business owner the more I think that I don't like people, more precisely business people. They are on my case everyday trying to get money out of me. I told a woman yesterday who was trying to sell me something that I had 27p in my bank account, she said 'that's 27p more than me, and the advertising space I'm trying to sell you is at a very reasonable rate'. What do you say to someone like that? Give her the dial tone is what you do!
I also think that I am going to work my way backwards from 'you're lying and I don't trust you' to get to the truth behind the lies. It's a dog eat dog world and I'm a borderline vegetarian, so this canine carnivorous diet is giving me a metaphorical stomach ache.
I am going to go and buy some paint and I will let you guess the rest.

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