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Monday, 11 October 2010

Are Mushrooms the New Banana Skins?

Another day, another phone call. My first thing to deal with is the fact that although I registered with three different electricity providers, I am yet to be registered with one of them. I think that is pure genius I've even had the documentation for Direct Debit instructions from one of them. A job for tomorrow. I know that this blog is about the Gallery but I feel the need to tell you about my last experience of the day completely not Gallery related at all. I went to buy some necessities cat food, bread, milk, mushrooms etc and I went to the local shop ( I'm not going to give them any free publicity as they over charge horrendously ). I picked up a punnet of mushrooms and a stray mushroom fell to the floor. I would normally have picked it up but it rolled right away. I carried on shopping and never gave it a second thought. I was at the self checkout and this young guy with both hands full, hits the deck. He lay prone on the floor and looked so put out that he was upright one minute and on the floor the next. I saw the squashed culprit on the floor, it was my runaway mushroom. The guilt that followed was swift and intense but what do you do? Go and apologise for dropping a mushroom? Go and help him up and feign ignorance? Or do you do as I actually did and proceed to scan my items as quickly as possible and hastily exit the shop. I am a coward, I admit it but I have no idea about 'mushroom droppage' etiquette. I will have to read up on it incase it ever happens again. Not likely.
Back to Gallery news, I spent the whole day down there and managed to get quite a lot done. I painted my work surface and my stable door. I also decided to try my hand at plastering as someone wiser and generally more handy than me, once said to me 'it's only daunting until you start'. He was right, it was easy and I think I did a fairly good job.
I'm a bit concerned that I might have a damp problem as when I went in today there was a lot of condensation. I'm going to have to investigate further. The other disturbing thing was the amount of flies that were in there. There's no food anywhere so that's another thing I'll have to investigate.
I managed to get some insurance today so that is a good thing and it didn't cost me any appendages.
Tomorrow, I am going start painting my new window and putting the finishing touches on my plastering I might even write my blog on site. Woo Hoo!

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  1. I posted recently on Fb how mushrooms can save the world, obviously not in that mans case unless he needed a bash in the rear (or kick up the jacksie) :)Watch that damp or you'll have mushrooms growing out of your walls and although they may be good at converting toxic waste. Your gallery by no means falls into that category. xxx