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Friday, 22 October 2010

I Want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike!

If you are half as nosey as me you will have wanted to know what my new bike looks like. So I thought I'd show you. I finally managed to put it together today without inflicting any further injuries on myself. I love it but the weather is bad today so I haven't ridden it to work. I have to adjust the brakes and gears. It's a repro retro bike. I'd have loved an original but as I have more sense than money I opted for the newby as it comes in at considerably less.
You all know that the gallery used to be a bike shop, well in a cupboard I have found the payload of reflectors and I am already thinking of how to customize my new bike. You already know about my love of accessorizing. Well my bike is no exception. Cool bling is where it's at.
I have spent today in avoidance of work. There are no jobs that I can do on my own at the gallery as I have finished them all. I need another pair of hands to finish everything else off. I did some token window scraping and moving stuff around and that's about all I have achieved today.
As you already know I like to confess to things that I do my blog has become my online conscience. If you've seen the video you will have seen that the toilet is at the back of my office and ....... I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I like to leave the door open and stare out into the gallery and watch people passing by. I don't really derive any pleasure from this, I just smile at the fact that I'm peeing whilst the world and his wife walk past. Obviously this is a short lived activity as I won't inflict it on anybody who happens to be at the gallery. I am however, starting to think that I am spending too much time on my own. I can't wait to have some company.
I am  all written out, not doing much does not help me to write. Quick note to self, do more then, it's not that difficult.
Folks it's Friday and you know that means the weekend is here and I hope you all have a good one. I'm at college tomorrow and I haven't done my homework. Not exactly setting the right example for an ex-lecturer. Oops!!

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