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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Introducing the talented........

           Charlotte Blake
          Paul Watts
Dave Field

Milo Newman

All I'm going to say is that if Blogspot incorporated some Mac technology putting these pictures on my blog would have been so much easier. Here are just four of the artists that will be exhibiting at the gallery. There are many more but you must remember they are artists and my frequent requests for images is always met with 'I'll get on the case, and email you tomorrow'. This means that they will get to me eventually but you know the Elvis song 'Tomorrow Never Comes' well I believe that was prophetic.
I should clarify that although Charlottes work looks 2D it is actually 3D. It's quirky and I think it's funny too. She works in ceramics and the images are applied by transfers that she makes herself. Paul is an illustrator who combines a variety of techniques to produce his unique images. Dave is also an illustrator who integrates his love of drawing with keen eye for graphic detail.
Milo travels extensively and produces photographs that have a poetic beauty. I'm hoping to give him a one man show next year. His new project sounds like it's going to have multi sensory appeal so I'm very excited about that.
You wouldn't know this unless I told you but this blog has taken 3 hours to write. I had to go and take collection of a job lot of glass bricks at the gallery. I can't wait for the wall to be finished. That was as much as I achieved at the gallery today. But I have been busy online finding out about getting a license to show films. It's not too expensive about £100 a year so I think I'm going to get one. So if you live locally and like foreign film or Arthouse film and more importantly want to help to support various charities. I intend to run intimate screenings for free but everyone will have to donate a bit of cash to charity. I will support any worthy causes and will also be up for anyone suggesting some.
I will feature another four artists tomorrow. I hope that you have liked what you have seen so far.

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