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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pictures as Promised

Jellyfish (1) Monoprint

After struggling to write my blog yesterday in the dark, outside and with cold hands, (Do you like the fact that I painted a picture of hardship for you?, when in fact I was sat outside my local having a laugh and a joke with friends). I had to 'fess' up because someone, somewhere would have been wondering why was I having to write my blog in such an inhospitable environment. I feel that I am in the absolute lap of luxury in comparison today. I am in bed with my laptop looking at the sea when I'm not looking at my screen obviously.
Thank you for commenting those that did, I'm not sure why it's been made so difficult to comment and follow a blog. Surely, the more the merrier?
Writing this blog has been quite an interesting process as I only write it once, I don't draft it. The only thing I do is spell check it and even then some slip through teh net! ;) I know it's there but these things all make me smile.
After I've posted it I think of at least 10 things that I could have mentioned or a better way to have written something. Once it's posted it's done and best way too I think. Keeps it real.
The other thing I have noticed is my apparent love affair with the word 'SO'. I want to use it in virtually every sentence. As well as spellchecking I have to so check everything I write. My need to use it is SO annoying. I want to start sentences with it, break up sentences with it and finish sentences with it. What is my problem? I'm afraid that I've caught it from the television. I have a horrible feeling that it might be infectious SO be careful!
Okay, I started with one of my prints that I produced yesterday, yes it's quite abstract but the idea was to push the technique. Which I feel I did. I now have an insatiable hunger for printmaking. I cannot wait to set  up the workshop and start to experiment some more.

Jellyfish (2) Monoprint

Here's another one, we had to think about just creating images and I have always been inspired by underwater and this technique just seemed to lend itself to it. I am definitely going to explore it further using colour.
It is going to be a busy week at the Gallery as I think my hand is finally behaving itself so all the jobs that I was unable to get done last week I can get on with this week.
I am hoping to get the the studio finished so that I can get going with developing my workshops.
I would like to thank you all for reading as I am just about to hit 2,000 page views and I've been going a month so far. It's not many compared some blogs. But if you like reading it why not copy and paste the link onto your Facebook page and other people you know, (maybe some artists?) might want to read it or get in  touch.

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