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Monday, 18 October 2010

When you spend an hour washing your drawers you've got to wonder if you've got a problem. Just to diffuse the thoughts that are now running through your head, I have not been washing particularly dirty underwear. I was given two storage cabinets that have a ridiculous amount of little plastic drawers in. If any of you reading this are artists or crafts people you would love them. They will provide the perfect home for all those little bits and pieces that would just rattle around a normal size drawer. For those of you who are borderline O.C.D like me, they have slots for labels. Where does the washing come in? Well, they were very grubby having lived their former life in garage and I could not put anything quite so grimy in my new look, clean studio space.
I am now summoning up the energy to go down to the gallery. I have been up since 7.15 am and I have actually finished all my house chores so it is very nearly time to go and do my work chores.
I'm hoping to order my ceiling tiles today too.

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