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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Virtual Tour with Dodgy Voice Over

I promised you earlier today a virtual tour of the gallery and here it is. For those of you who have actually visited the premises you will see the developments for the rest of you it is what it is.
I have had another day of painting and as much I would love to tell you the funny story that happened whilst I was doing it. No such event occurred. It was just sanding and painting all the way. Not even a phone call interrupted my flow today.
I lie, I did unscrew the malfunctioning strip lights in the windows and I filled all the gaps with wood filler. Now I bet you feel that you've got your moneys worth!
As learning curves go I feel that I am on a very curvy path of learning. I painted my work surface last Friday and it still wasn't dry today. I have no idea why not but needless to say I had to work out to fix it. Which involved sanding it all back, coating it in primer and starting again. This has kind of worked but it is obvious that I will have to give it another coat when it is dry if it ever does.
I have put the video on and I have been typing for at least 5 minutes and it still hasn't uploaded. I'm going to stop and have a shower and see if it has finished by the time I get out. That's the problem with technology it is fantastic in theory.
Shower time!
Back out and it is still saying uploading. My aim was to get this on nice and early to make the most of all you dinner time readers.
I'll just have to carry on waiting then. Still waiting!!
It seems to be there now, the proof will be in the viewing. I'm excited and dreading it at the same time as you will all hear my awful voice!
Let me know what you think.


  1. I like your tour :) Can you tell us what you have attached to the wall using your drill as I wasn't sure? Looks a bit like cups hanging, but I feel it's possibly something else. Yes it does sound like you, however there is nothing wrong about that. Better than you sounding like someone else or Mickey mouse like I do :) love and light as always xxx

  2. Space looks amazing. Well done x