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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Smile You're on Camera!

I feel I should publicize the fact that I have just shot a virtual tour of my gallery. I will upload it later as I haven't got the cable with me here at the gallery.
The weirdest thing is listening to your own voice on a recording. I sound like someone else, unfortunately someone I wouldn't like because of her annoying voice. When you've watched it let me know if you think that it sounds like me. (Directed at those of you who actually know me, obviously)
I'm not all sure about it. Good job I'm not famous not only would I hate to see myself on film now I realize that I would hate to hear myself too. I say that like I could be famous if I just tried harder.
I am laughing at myself as I type this as I am SO using my blog as a form of procrastination. I am trying delay the inevitable......PAINTING.
Enough is enough though. Please tune in later for my virtual tour and my terrible voice over. Go on you know you want to.

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