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Sunday, 5 December 2010

“Anger always comes from frustrated expectations” - Elliot Larsen

There is always a danger when you expect too much from anything or anyone. Today I found myself expecting too much of christmas decorations. It was a mistake. I decided that whether I open or not I am going to put a christmas tree in the window. So in keeping with the black and white theme I have a black tree with silver and white decorations. Crammed the tree into the mini, along with a bagful of bling. Everything was going according to plan. Unpacked the tree, joined it all together and I thought 'Let the decorating commence'. Apparently not. I have boxes of baubles and other sparkly stuff, and none of it came with any means to hang it with. No string, useful loops or ribbon. Nothing whatsoever. This was a completely new one on me, this has to be the first time that I have bought decorations that did not come ready to hang. For now I have had to make do with the white tinsel and nothing else. I went across the road to the charity shop who sell christmas decorations and scrutinised theirs and they also did not come with any means to hang them with. WHAT is the world coming too? I have since been to several other shops trying to find something to no avail.
Luckily, I was rescued from my Mission Impossible by my friends Suze and Katie who came to visit and take me away from my arduous task.
I had my last Saturday class yesterday and it was great. I have really enjoyed being so self indulgent and creative for an entire day every fortnight. The people I was there with were also cool and I hope we keep in touch.
Gallery news.....My life is not yet lit up, but I'm hoping it will be soon. I have two artists coming to bring me their work tomorrow so at least something is progressing. I will have to have my official gallery owner head on which will be interesting.
My cheque book and debit card arrived yesterday. They are Big with a capital B. Not the card just the cheque/paying in books. My debit card reads L'Artishe Gallery and Stud as it couldn't fit the whole word studio in. I think that is fairly amusing.
I just thought that you might like to know I've written well over 100 blogs and I've had well over 4,000 page views so thank you all very much for that.
That's all I can think of for now.

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