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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Still At Work

I would have loved to have shown you great pictures of all the new developments........but when your electrician says he's coming you stay put. I can't upload my pictures from here. I have my first row of lights! Hooray!!! They look great! I am busying myself doing various menial tasks but feel guilty because I'm not doing anything meaningful.
I have spent the day sending emails and chasing up artists. I did this at home as the gallery is a bit 'freezing' at the moment. The weather here is so cold. I have been wearing five layers down here and the minute you stop working the cold grabs you by the throat and strangles every last bit of warmth out of you. I think it will dramatically improve when the lights are finished and the rest of the ceiling is up.
So Dan and Matt got all the tracking up and some of the lights are actually already working. They look great. (I'm worried that the word 'great' is becoming the new 'so') But you know what, I don't care, because everything is looking great, fantastic, brilliant and fabulous.
I'm doing all the tweaky tedious bits at the moment. I just want to start making stuff be it prints or jewellery. I want to get busy.
I apologise for the lateness of my last two blogs but I have been pulling late nights to be on hand if necessary to help. I made coffees and screwed in my led bulbs into the lights. So as you can tell I was a big help.
More of the same for me tomorrow, I'm hoping to have news on my sign and doors. They are the last few things that need to be finished. I will put pics up tomorrow as I will take the necessary lead to the gallery with me.
By the way I under ordered my lights, I knew it was all going too well. I HATE numbers, they are SO not GREAT!!!

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