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Friday, 17 December 2010

Observations of A Gallery Owner

  1. Don't pay anyone upfront, they work slowly as a result of not being hungry for the money.
  2. When creating a lot of dust breathe less often. Alternatively wear a dust mask.
  3. Ignore the phone for at least the first two months unless you specifically want to be cold called and sold something you ultimately don't need.
  4. When ordering things from the Internet, make the phone call to check they actually have the thing you are trying to buy.
  5. More than 5 layers of clothing on your upper body does restrict your movement making painting difficult.
  6. Don't leave all outdoor painting until it starts to drop below freezing, not only does it take ages for the paint to dry but it takes ages for you to thaw out.
  7. Polyfilla is not designed to fill any hole no matter the size.
  8. Do not believe the lies of Sales people. They are only interested in their commission and will quite happily sell you the wrong product or the most expensive.
  9. People that say they are not trying to sell you anything are all trying to sell you something.
  10. Don't use a ladder that is more than fifty years old.
  11. Toilet roll has many other practical applications, none of them restricted to the littlest room.
  12. Don't tell anyone too much about what you are doing, because some people are just negative pessimists.
  13. Don't sweat the small stuff until it mutates into the big stuff.
  14. Think before you paint, don't just start where it's most convenient because ultimately you'll end up leaning on it when you paint the less convenient places.
  15. Don't take ladders for granted, they are not human, they do not understand fear and will topple if given the right encouragement.
  16. In the cold weather try and find a warm drink that's an alternative to coffee. Don't have a 'warming coffee' every hour and expect to sleep at night.
  17. Think twice about inviting drunk people to the gallery when the floor isn't quite dry.
  18. At no point is it appropriate to behave like an ostrich when confronted with a crisis.
  19. Don't expect artists to contact you back, they are a creative bunch with an abstract understanding of time.
  20. Electricity is sold by charlatans and thieves.
  21. Keeping the workforce happy can be as easy as having Quavers in the cupboard and a regular supply of tea/coffee.
  22. Power tools can be cool, not scary especially when you actually get over the initial fear!
  23. Writing a Blog keeps you focused and honest. It totally lifts your mood when you get nice comments and lots of readers. 
  24. Lunch should not just consist of the afore mentioned Quavers and coffee.
  25. Just because you work four doors up from your local pub does not mean that you have to call in there every night.
I think 25 observations are more than enough. I hope you enjoy them.

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