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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Don't Put Off Today..........

There are days when it flows and there are days when no matter how hard you try it is clumsy and boring. I'm talking about writing my blog. I really do try to make it as interesting and humorous as possible but I know sometimes it falls short. So thanks for reading it anyway. This is actually my second attempt as I thought the first draft was duller than an overcast day in Dullsville.
As soon as I posted my blog yesterday I remembered all the stuff I forgot to mention. I have organised my first advert and it looks great. I have tried to put a picture in the blog but apparently I do not have the rights to publish it. I have also lined up some more publicity with Wessex Muse, they wrote about me a few years ago. They are going to do a double page spread about the opening. I have already had to update the website in order to make sure that there is enough information on there for people to start emailing/phoning me to book places on one of my workshops. Have I mentioned that I'm an eternal optimist?
Now the gallery is pretty much finished it is time for me to focus on other things. I am sure that my blurry eyed approach is not doing me any favours. I have all kinds of tedious tasks to do but I cannot seem to settle to finish any of them.
I've been doing a fairly in depth study of Harry Potter Lego for the Wii and I find it to be both amusing and challenging. Needless to say it does not help me to complete any of my tasks. I am now allowing myself to get sucked in to 'Murder She Wrote' and writing my blog. If I could win a prize for procrastination I might get round to collecting it tomorrow or maybe Saturday.
I'm going to the gallery in a little while so that might motivate me to get a few more of my tasks complete before I go.
I better go and get on with them then. Jessica Fletcher has just promised not to keep a secret and a policeman just said 'wild thoughts give me the willies'. I kid you not. It's very, very bad!

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