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Friday, 3 December 2010

Torville and Dean. Shame I'm Neither One of Them!

There is still plenty of snow on the ground and I am yet to get dressed. I have set up office in bed and have been organising my admin from here. Outside my window there is an ice rink that would be perfect if it wasn't my road and the pavement. Snow was totally doable yesterday but the shimmering ice that is glinting beautifully in the winter sun looks lethal. I should add that I live at the top of a hill, that's a fairly crucial detail.
I am not sure it's worth the risk. When I have so much other stuff I could be getting on with. It would seem that there is always something to do. I have just designed and ordered my new business cards and a company stamp and some window decals. I need to get the name out there.
I am contemplating getting up and about  but I'm not exactly sure why I'm bothering.
I'm thinking that I could do my homework for college tomorrow but I'm not sure that it is even going to happen. Unless the temperature goes up several degrees from -6 I'm fairly certain I wont be leaving Swanage tomorrow either.
I hope that none of you are suffering too much with the bad weather. I keep thinking to myself, how can something so beautiful cause quite so much chaos? A friend of mine is grateful for the snow because it makes his messy garden look tidy and he's got a point there.
My cats have all fully embraced the snow and are out playing in it even though it's up to their armpits/legpits, not sure what the correct terminology is for the top of cats legs.
Let me know if you know so I can be correct in the future.
I love the quote above as it is clever and insightful and one I intend to embrace whenever possible.
Happy Second Snow Day everybody.
Keep Safe and Keep Warm!

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