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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Admin Closer!

Now I enter the final phase of the process of opening a gallery, I am starting to see the parallels between my new job and my old one. Paperwork! The biggest difference is that I don't have endless reports to
write. I don't have to think of several different ways to write your son/daughter is ultimately average and  could get better results if they applied themselves. Now it's numerous emails to art publications trying to get them interested in me. Self promotion is hard. Wording things so you don't sound like egomaniacal lunatic is quite difficult. Under sell yourself and people don't think you have what it takes. Over sell yourself and they wonder you are contacting them as it is obvious you are just one step down from God like status and why do you need them?
I am aiming for modest but confident, whether or not I am hitting the mark is anyones guess. I hope that the next fifteen times that I will check my email in the next hour will actually bring some rewards for all my efforts this morning.
I am going to try and find some money to put in my business account in a bit, that will probably just be depressing.
I have had lots of very encouraging messages from people who have been reading the blog and I would like to thank everyone for those.
A double blog day today so I can show you the new developments as promised for the last two days.

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