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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I'm as Cold as Ice!

We have no snow but what we do have is wind a plenty, the wind chill factor must be bringing the temperature down to minus bloody freezing. If you walk outside without gloves your hands are numb within minutes. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm giving you such an in depth weather report. The gallery has not got any central heating and inside closely echoes outside. I had a halogen heater on and it took the edge off, but you have to keep moving.
Matt came down and sorted out all my hanging rails. The best news about this is that I did not under order the hanging rail. I was convinced that I'd ordered 9ft as opposed to 9 metres. I have developed a very peculiar paranoia. I think it's closely related to spending large amounts of cash. I put the order together, then check it, then order it. I allow 2 or 3 hours to elapse and then I suddenly think 'Have I ordered the right thing/amount/colour?' The list goes on. I then have to check and mostly I have been right. I am hoping that I am nearly over spending the really big wedges of cash. Just as well really.
It is getting exciting now just got to get the lights in and the artists work.
I've still got a few more jobs to do as always. I need some gloves to wear whilst I work that would definitely help.
Official opening in 2 weeks I hope. Fingers crossed.
P.S I'm going to put the Christmas Tree up tomorrow not essential but nice.

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