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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I went, I met, she was called Edwina and yes she was absolutely fabulous!

I was brave and met with my business account manager. She seemed very nice and helpful. I think I might even have virtually signed her up for a day workshop. Every penny counts. I get a big cheque book too, the bigger the cheque the further they bounce! She said that I should think about putting some money in there today. I said not bloomin' likely, I have got to juggle like a member of a juggling act at a really good circus, in order for that to happen.
My till arrived today so I'm going to take that down to the gallery tomorrow and pretend to be a shopkeeper. I vaguely remember having plastic money as a child I'm not sure about the till though. I know that if I was the Bank in Monopoly there would be some very illegal withdrawals to supplement my income. For me the best bit about that game were the little metal objects you could choose to be. I will not actually play Monopoly as an adult as I hate dealing with money in reality why would I want to deal with it for fun? I also think buying hotels and houses is far too materialistic for me. Give me Cranium or Pictionary and I will play along like a good girl.
A day of admin surely must be followed by a day with paintbrush in hand. So decreed the Overmaster! I have all the little niggly jobs to get finished. I also need to do another big dust down. Matt needs to angle grind all the heads off my shop front as I need them flat for my sign. Which I have also managed to organise today. It will be fitted next week.
That's all I can think of for now so I'll be back tomorrow.