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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Finishing Touch Ups!

Well it's true, I'm very nearly there. I am quite looking forward to this week as I know that I haven't got much arduous manual labour to do. It's just bits and pieces and tidying up previously unfinished jobs. Apparently, if you read the words final countdown you automatically (if you know it) start singing the song in your head. I just read that, but it was Matt who said this song must be playing in my head. It isn't because it's cheesy and wrong but I totally get the sentiment.
I am going to be all about marketing this week, which is going to make a nice change. I am finally going to get on and order my lights. Then it's getting the opening events organised. I have managed to get a good friend of mine on board to help with the whole events management side of things, Rozy, Matts fiance. Mince pies and mulled wine I'm thinking in line with the whole Christmas thing. So I better get busy designing invites and then making sure I've actually got work to show.

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