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Monday, 22 November 2010

How long is too long?

We are constantly being told that Britain is still in the grips of recession. Businesses are failing daily and debt is creeping up. So why is it when I phone companies to ask about products that I need at 9.30 am, I am told the person who can help me is busy on the other line, can they take my number and they will get whoever it is to ring me back asap, and then they don't. I waited, and then waited and then waited some more. By 12.30 I gave up and have now decided that they will not be getting my business. 
Whilst I'm on my moaning soap box, what is it with companies that sell you stuff on the Internet but the truth is that they do not actually have the goods. They take your money and then fail to deliver, saying that there are problems with the importation of the goods. I mean really. 
That's it rant over!
I had a morning of mixed success as I made several phone calls with very little outcome. I have sent numerous emails with no replies. I set up my guillotine and painted a door. I bought a digital picture frame to show some pictures of the gallery before and after its transformation, took it out of the packaging and the protective screen refused to part from the screen. It's got to go back. I did however get one response to one of my phone calls. I think I have organised all the hanging equipment that I will need to put up a show. I just have to call back tomorrow when I have retrieved my card from a friends purse where I left it for safe keeping. Until then I will continue to wait for responses.
I guess all in all I was fairly thwarted today but I am optimistic that tomorrow will be better.
I'm trying to fix a date for my opening and it's hard because all of a sudden Christmas is around the corner. I will keep at it.
I just want to point out that the phone in the picture is the same as the one at the gallery. It is totally cool!

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