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Saturday, 13 November 2010

My Off Trolley!

Picking up where I left off last night, I celebrated Tina's 40th birthday. We were at a social club where the drinks were silly cheap. I was practising restraint as I knew that I had to go to Ikea today. I did pretty well but needless to say that I still managed to feel hungover, I would like to rename that 'tired and emotional' as that would be a truer description of how I felt.
I made it to Ikea and managed to spend my imaginary money fairly sensibly. I fought with my trolley as it seemed to be more tired and emotional than I was. It only worked when you pushed it sideways. So other than losing the car twice in the same car park it wasn't too bad.
I feel the need to tell you about my chewing gum versus ice cold drink debacle. I was suffering from alcohol induced dehydration I thought a chewing gum would help ease the situation. It did, but I then bought an ice cold drink that I proceeded to chug down like you do when you're extremely thirsty. The PAIN, after the minty fresh chewing gum had done it's work was unbelievable if my wonky trolley hadn't been there to support me I would have hit the deck. You've heard of brain freeze this was like throat, chest and brain freeze wrapped into one particularly unspecial package.
I raced back to Swanage to meet my electrician Dan (lovely guy) to discuss fitting my lights. He's given me a quote that keeps my kidney safely inside my body. So thanks Dan. Swiftly followed by a dump run which I managed to get away with only doing the loading of the car as opposed to the unloading. Thanks Liz.
A big thank you to all the lovely people that are making my dream a reality, the genius plasterer Phil Keats, my brother from another mother Matt Suttle, the man who is going to light up my life Dan March. Liz Nash for her endless journeys to the dump with and for me, and accompanying me to Ikea. Karen and Tim at the Red Lion for letting me park in their car park and providing me with well earned after work drinks.

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  1. Nice one Sharon so glad its all going so well for you :) xxxxx