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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

1,2,3 Floor!

I have to say that today my heart wasn't in it, but my back was. I set myself some crazy targets, once a teacher always a teacher. I was determined to carry on regardless, and I did. So I started as meant to on, I blew up the hoover then fell of the mini steps. I touched up the ceiling frame and I have to say it was very grateful. It didn't seem to mind that I tried to touch up my brilliant white ceiling tiles with its gloss black paint. Doh!! I then painted the stage, swiftly followed by the rest of the wall. Then I had to touch up the black wall as I'd spattered it with white. I have to say having a black and white colour scheme is a total pain.
I then allowed myself to clean everywhere as I had to get all the dust off the floor that has been consistently covered in dust for the past two months. How lucky am I??
I then took all the precautions that are necessary when floor painting, I moved everything from the office to the gallery space. Considering all my other mistakes today I managed to remember everything.
Let the floor painting commence! I hate to say it but I used Ronseal Floor Paint and I have to tell you it was brilliant because it did exactly what it said on the tin. For those of you in England you know the adverts, it's all true.
I'm going to give the paint all morning tomorrow to dry. Which means that I can have a well deserved rest. I have some more touching up to do but not very much and I am glad to say it is nearly over.
I am going to attempt another video tomorrow as you really need to see it in its entirety. Please tune in for that and wish me luck.

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