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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Ghost of Gloss Paint Past

Today was definitely more successful than yesterday! I actually got tangible things finished. It makes such a difference when you can actually see the fruits of your labours. I painted the front windows in the freezing cold, my hands were numb and they did not get properly de-numbed until I came home for five minutes and the heating was on.
Today I had the pleasure of Matts company and he made the stupendous 3D display table that you see in the picture. It was not at all what we had planned but when you've got two creative people in room, one with way more practical skills than the other I hasten to add. Stuff happens, In this instance it's a gloriously reclaimed display table/shelf. I love it. It is completely made from stuff that has been sat around since I dismantled what used to be the bike shop. I feel like I've short changed Matt as I didn't take a picture of my three tier drying rack that he also managed to knock up in no time at all. Sorry Matt.
I was too seduced by my new display structure.
I have to tell you about the reason that my blog has the title it does. Since I have been doing the renovations I  have obviously been painting quite a bit. I have now found that I am being haunted by a paint smell. I will be sat watching the television and my nostrils will fill with the smell of paint. It is weird, it's like someone has wafted the tin of paint under my nose. It is rubbish as it's not a smell that is particularly like. I'm thinking if I had to do it all over again I'll do something that smells much nicer. A Perfume Shop? A Bakery? Maybe a Sweet Shop, all my sweet toothed friends would love it.
Neil Stevens@Deshok.com has done a marvellous job of my website and I have also signed up two more fantastic artists. All in all a good days work.
I also bought all my hanging rails today! Ouch!! It's just spend, spend, spend.
Tomorrow is an admin day as I have just a little bit to do. But I get to do it from the warmth of my home which is brilliant.

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