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Thursday, 4 November 2010

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Matt's Arm
Spot Him If You Can?

Genius New Lights Wall

Finished Glass Brick Walls
Well I'm just going to start writing and see what happens as I am over the frustration caused by my blog not doing what I want it to do. Hence no video again. For some reason it just doesn't upload even though it's much shorter. I am going to talk to someone who might know what the problem is.
What happens when you get two people together who both have the 'Womble' mentality? See the pictures above for the answer. Matt had an idea to make the wall more interesting by adding a slant. Then when I had finished my glass brick wall I had a box left over. Combine those two things and you end up with 'Genius New Lights Wall'. I love it. It's so unique and a great use of the florescent tubes that were going to be binned. With the additional bonus of adding more light.
I love to tell you the inner workings of my mind so here goes. I started writing this blog to document my progress at becoming a gallery owner. I was never too bothered about how many people read it because it was something I was doing for myself. Until now.......... I am so bothered how many people read it. I get worried that I have been too factual and dull. That there isn't some witty observation in every blog etc. I have started to worry about it. Which is CRAZY! I should be flattered that anyone bothers to read it let alone how many. Thanks by the way. Isn't it funny that I am competitive in a way I never knew that I was. Hello my name is Sharon and I suffer from 'Reader Greed' and this is my first meeting at B.A. It's been two hours since I last checked my Stats.
On that note I'm going to sign off. But can I leave you with this one thought. I often wonder whether everyone likes to read on the toilet? I thought it might be a good time to draw as it's quiet and you're on your own. You could call your doodles 'Poodles'.

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