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Monday, 29 November 2010

The Big Chill!

I have spent the last two days wondering about how it is possible for the temperature to drop so radically. I have not found an answer, so suffice to say I have just decided to wear thermal underwear and plenty of layers.
I had a great time at my glass jewellery class on Saturday, I would like to thank Richard and Eleanor at Rainbow Glass Studios for another day well spent.
I was honing my skills to ensure that I would be able to deliver glass jewellery workshops in my own studio. I think I am there.
Spent yesterday at Camden Market trying not to buy 101 t-shirts. There were so many cool ones that I had to draw the line at 2. Bearing it was -2 and the thought of wearing a t-shirt seems ludicrous. Anyone looking for that unique Christmas present should definitely check Camden out. It is full of creative ideas.
My dehumidifier has been doing the business and the shop seems to be damp free. I'm putting off going down there as it is freezing and I know that as there has been no heating on the temperature will be frigid.
I had my missions set for today and it would seem that I have fallen at the first hurdle. I have to stop asking my friends to look after my stuff for me. Especially, because it's largely due to the fact that I hate carrying bags. So now I come to order my lights and the other bits and pieces that I need, I am without the means to pay for it. Doh!!
Why aren't all companies using Paypal? I could pay using that, but apparently it's still largely eBay that use that method of payment.

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