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Friday, 19 November 2010

Oh Sometimes I Hate My Blog :(

I am attempting to do it again. I really hope that it works. It's much shorter and a bit of a whirlwind tour but something is better than nothing. I'm not going to give it hours like last time. I have got things to do, like unwind because it's FRIDAY!!
Well, today I had the carpet fitted and it looks great. It feels like a gallery now. There are some little jobs left to do. But to all extents and purposes I am officially in the final stretch.
I know this sounds odd but the closer I get to finishing the more nervous I'm getting. It's been so all about getting the building fit for purpose that I have not really thought about actually opening. I've got churny stomach just writing about it. I know it will be all good and hopefully successful. But my focus has now got to be fully on what work to put in. Labels, invites, adverts, marketing in general, publicity and the list goes on and on and on.
I'm going to be in trouble tomorrow as I Saturday class and I haven't done my home work. I feel bad but this week I had so much on that I couldn't even think about it.
I can't quite believe that two weeks could have passed so quickly. I've been incredibly busy and it's just a blur.
I have decided that I am going to have two openings, I have been undecided for ages. I thought maybe one long day event, but I think that will be too much of a handful. So what I intend to do is have an official and an unofficial opening. That way I can properly enjoy at least one of them and the sheer amount of people that say they want to come is getting bigger by the day.
I did a little spontaneous networking today, I went into another gallery and the gallery owner introduced herself to me and we had a very nice chat. I have to say that I didn't look great I was in all my painting get up and a silly hat. It's hard to sound intellectual when you're paint bespeckled, wearing two pairs of jeans, the pair on top with the flies undone. I know what you're all thinking...how classy I am.
I am still waiting for the video to upload. I have a back up plan though I have taken pictures.
Now it wont let me upload pictures or video. I'm slightly depressed. Going try again in a minute in a new blog. Wish me luck

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