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Monday, 8 November 2010

If Only My Painty Hands Looked This Good. Yes, it is a Hand!

You know that you have been spending too long doing manual labour and clearing up, when you find yourself being pleased that Heavy Duty Bin Bags are in fact Heavy Duty. As opposed to those that tear as soon as you look at them and should be prosecuted for flaunting the Trade Description Act so blatantly. Having filled my 100th(ish) bin bag I found myself pondering the above. I have also thought that I might write to Harris Interiors to commend them on their low price but incredibly efficient paintbrush and roller set. This is because I have nearly painted the entire gallery with it and the brushes are yet to shed a single bristle. £4.99 from Asda. Is anyone else worried that companies could soon be in receipt of letters signed off ' Contented of Swanage'? I know I am, this is what happens when I am left on my own for the day.
I have also filled all the holes in my studio floor ready for it to be painted, so can somebody tell me why I insist on walking on the glaringly white wet filler every time I go in there? Just to do my own head in I'm sure.
Incase anyone was worried I found sufficient jobs to fill the rest of my day, in fact I am now waiting for a friend who needs help writing his Best Mans Speech. He best turn up soon otherwise I'm going home. It's blooming freezing when you're sat still.
I just looked at my hands and feel the need to say they are not bespeckled they are more besplodged which does not have the same ring to it at all.
I'm yet to look in the mirror so I don't what (if more than usual) horror awaits me there. Gargantuan blackheads (of paint). Nice
As I've bored you twice now I'm going to go. Tomorrow jobs are not even thought of yet so I can't let you know.

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