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Monday, 8 November 2010

Now I look at it brag doesn't seem like a real word!

Brag blog coming up. I've painted all of my ceiling frame in under 3 hours. Get me, I was up and down the ladder like a window cleaner on speed. I didn't stop for a break i just kept going until I'd finished. Now I'm enjoying a well deserved break. The bit I love the best is that it cost me £10.00 to do the lot. Kerching!! It's all about saving money.
Now I need to think about the next job, I'm running out of them believe it or not. I am waiting for all the other good folk to do their bit.
I'm going to have a nice long think, as a think is as good as a rest. I've been chasing up my ceiling tiles today. I have the white ones but the clear ones are yet to arrive. That's my next job so they need to come soon.
I haven't really got anything else to say, I just wanted to bask in the glory of completing a job that I thought would take me all day. I'm to bask for at least another 10 minutes before starting the next job when I've worked out exactly what that is. 

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