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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away, So that I can Paint My Windows!

I had finally come up with a plan of what to do today and I even checked the weather forecast and it said 'fine but cold'. As usual they lied it hasn't stopped raining since I woke up and the wind is howling too.
I have had to have a rethink on how to spend the day. I have spent my time writing all my blurb for the website. It's not really that much fun. But I have very nearly finished, I am writing my blog for light relief.
I have bad news on my clear ceiling tiles. The lady that lied to me earlier in the week and said they would be with me by the end of this week was lying. I bet you're thinking that I wrote 'lied' at the beginning of the sentence. I am now going to carry on with my assumption that when sales people are talking to me they are lying. So I'm going to replace the word 'spoke' with 'lied'. I had a phone call today from a real life Essex boy from the same company who told me in no uncertain terms that they have no clue when my tiles could be delivered. I know he was a Cockney as at the end of the conversation he said 'Thanks Gearl'(sic) Girl. That's so Essex.
Now I have to start my search a new. Rubbish.
I am not venturing out today so I'm going to be spending some real quality time with my laptop and trying very hard not to buy anything non gallery related on the Internet.
Wish me luck because I've got a feeling I'm going to need it.

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