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Friday, 5 November 2010

A Big Thank You

Well today I just wanted to thank everyone who has ever read my blog. I hit 3,000 page views today. In the scheme of blog writing it's relatively low but as far as I'm concerned it's fan-bloody-tastic. Long may it continue.
I have to tell you that after the 'Big Clean' today I am getting increasingly more excited about everything. There are three big jobs left to do, the plastering, the ceiling and the floors. Then I will be very nearly ready to open. I'm going to order my sign next week.
I was showing Sid a very adorable four year old, all my pictures today and we were looking at the first ones I took at the shop and the new ones I've taken in the last few days. He decided that I was very clever and that it looked really good. High praise indeed!
School tomorrow so no gallery for me. But if anyone fancies smuggling some industrial rubbish to the dump on Sunday for me. Let me know, I've got 15+ black bin bags and loads of other junk.
Have a great weekend and thanks again!

1 comment:

  1. Woo Woo!!! Congratulations on your blogs 3000 hits, its fantastic news! I read your blog everyday and enjoy following the exploits of a gallery owner! The gallery is looking amazing and I can't wait to your dream realised when you open! All that blood, sweat and swearing (as I know you don't do tears!!) is really paying off! Well done you!!