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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Read Me, Read Me Now!!

Some days go exactly as you plan them to and then there's days like today. I tried to upload my video and it was not going to cooperate. I tried various things to try and make it happen but no it wasn't to be.  4 hours wasted and still no outcome. I had to admit defeat and post the blog that I'd written yesterday anyway. I then think I'll do some basic admin and generally start to organise my self. WRONG. My receipts were at the gallery and my accounts were at home. I then remembered that I'd left my car at work as I'd walked home. I'm not sure that I have to fill you in on anything else do I? It just kept on giving and I kept on taking like the proverbial b****.
I have realised that you have to just roll with the punches, and sometimes this means going back to bed and pulling the duvet firmly over your head and hoping that the next time that you venture out, there are more positive vibes gracing your very existence.
As far as the gallery goes, I successfully managed to put some art books on my new bookshelf. Dusted again, when I was younger I was told that I had dust allergy and I'm happy to say that I must have grown out of it as I would never be able to set foot in the gallery as the dust would literally finish me off. Not one sneeze.
I have to tell you something about my lists. I've mentioned before that I rely on them to help focus on specific jobs. Well, yesterday I managed to be occupied for the entire day but was rather perturbed to find when I checked my list I hadn't completed one job. Here's what I did....I wrote what I had done on my list then crossed it off so I felt like I had achieved something. Matt totally guessed that I had done that as soon as I started to tell him that I hadn't completed one thing. How sad am I? Tragic.
I am going try and get some more of my list done tomorrow and make a shorter video that might actually upload. Please send me all your positive vibes.

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