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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Don't Be So Shelvish!

Firstly, I want to say please read my blog later as I will be uploading a new video. Today Matt has been putting up shelves and tables and everything. I have been on my hands and knees putting the trim around my laminate floor. It was another nice opportunity to get high at work. Anyone who has ever used grip fill will know exactly what I'm talking about. It's an Evo Stik based product that smells divine but is a bit heady when you use a lot of it.
I have to say that I am looking forward to the day when I don't go home smelling of a variety of solvent based products.
I have an update on my evil step neighbour. She has complained about the wood shavings that have been left outside MY door. There are a few miniscule shavings that are nothing compared to the foot deep pile I swept up last week. Do you want to know how crazy this situation has got? She was phoning from London to complain. Now I ask you life must be too short for that level of bull**** surely? But each to their own I guess. I make it my mission to be as agreeable as possible and there are others who delight in being disagreeable. I know who is happier in the long run.
Well this is just a tease and tempt blog as I need to get more readers again. I'm suffering from a slump. :(
I want to tell you how I came to be at work so early this morning. I woke up because I was having this dream that a man and woman had joined themselves together using piercing. Saying it was their choice to live an alternative lifestyle. What the Hell was that dream about? I cannot find it any dream dictionary. If you have any ideas please let me know.
I'll upload the video later, and I won't go on about my voice as I have been told by everyone that it sounds exactly like me.

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