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Monday, 6 December 2010

I am a Gallery Owner!

Today was the beginning of my official life as a gallery owner! Until now I have been someone who has been engaged in the activity of refurbishing a premises that was to become a gallery. But today I had my real job head on. I had the very delightful job of selecting work that I will show in the gallery.
It has been a day of strange coincidences, two artists Mary Jane Evans and Maria Jirat arrived at the same time and I was listening to Michael Jackson and they both sign their work M.J. My phone rang twice and both times my mobile rang at the same time.
I have to say if I have been feeling uncertain in any way about having enough work to show, today totally dispelled that. Mary Jane and Maria absolutely had me spoilt for choice. Two very talented ladies. I cannot wait to put it all out. I did think about putting pictures on here but they would be spoilers as they would not do the work justice. I also want to keep it all a surprise until the opening.
I have decided that I am going to wait until January to open as there are a few jobs that really don't look like they are going to be finished in time. No-one is to blame it's just the way things are. It will give me time to plan it all properly and more importantly publicise it properly.
Matt added a second tier to my glass display table and it looks great, he made some great little display stands and my 'Robot of the Week' box. A very good afternoons work.
Dan turned up and sorted my plug sockets out. I bought the right but wrong quick fit boxes, which were nigh on impossible to fit let alone quickly. Luckily he had some others he could use and finished the job super quickly. He also showed me my lights in action and thank all that is holy I bought the right ones and the right track. Phew!!!! They are going up tomorrow.
I've got some admin to do in the morning, I guess I should actually put some money in business account and pay some bills.
I'll show you all the new developments tomorrow.

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