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Monday, 13 December 2010

I'm Very Patient....Or Am I?

I have been doing what I need to do, it's gallery choredom but I'm wading through it. The lady in the picture above is me waiting for my doors. I have been waiting for three months for my new front doors. It's one of the very last jobs that I need doing. I just had a phone call to say that they are coming on the 23rd December. Woo hoo!! How exciting is that? My gallery front will look as nice as the gallery middle. At last, those ugly old doors will be history.
I have been working on my price list for workshops. It is depressing, I hate having to think about charging people but I also know that I have bills to pay and that it is important too if I'm going to be successful.
I hope that I am being reasonable with my pricing, time and bookings will tell.
I am working my way down a list of things that I need to do and there's only about two items that don't actually cost anything other than my time.
I am hoping that my sign goes up today as I haven't been down to the gallery yet. I am going to go there later to drop some stuff off. It would be awesome if my sign was there.
My next job that is gallery related is designing a calendar for the gallery. I'm going to use the work that is going to exhibited. I think that will be cool.
If anyone has any idea how to improvise an etching hotplate please feel free to let me know as they are far too expensive. It's a necessity but I may have to save up all my pennies.
Might have a picture to add later. So watch this space.

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