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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Fear Factor!

I apologise that I have missed my 6 o'clock deadline that I have been trying to meet. I have had a very busy afternoon. I would like to say that it was a busy day but no just a very busy afternoon. I left my house at 7.50 this morning with the intention of doing many productive things before my midday meeting. Getting my haircut and writing my artists disclaimer thingy! No, apparently the world had other ideas. My hairdresser didn't even open until 10.30, admittedly I hadn't booked but still!! I did however manage to catch up with my best friend Ian for coffee. That was lovely. No disclaimer thingy was written as I'd forgotten the template for it.
I headed to Poole to meet with Rob Marshall, he makes the most amazing glassware. If you've looked at my website you'll have seen some of his work. I got five fantastic pieces from him and also picked up the work of ceramic artist Charlotte Blake. I'm excited about putting it all out on display.
I didn't say much in my blog yesterday as I thought it would be good for you to just see what I have been doing. Matt and I hung the work (mostly him) and it looks amazing. I had at least 25 'pinch me I must be dreaming' moments as it all seemed very real. It feels like a bit of scary wrapped in a blanket anticipation with a generous sprinkle of excitement.
I feel it is only fair to tell you about my up a ladder experience yesterday. You saw the lovely 'after' photos,what I neglected to show you were the 'before'. Maybe I have at some point but not yesterday. My front windows were two tone white at the bottom and beige at the top. I want you to guess what I had to do yesterday? I know you all got there with absolutely no help from me. I had to get up a ladder and paint it. I operate with a certain 'ladder theory', if my shins are beneath the top two rungs I won't hyperventilate and subsequently not fall off and die. Suffice to say that I had both shins exposed not behind the safety of the top two rungs. I was nearly sick with fear, I tried my hardest not show it but I was on the High Street with the world and his wife walking past. I slapped that paint on like a drunken abstract expressionist painter in a race against the clock. It would definitely not hold up under close scrutiny. Add to the nausea a wind chill factor that actually turned the tips of my fingers numb so that I had to keep getting down to defrost them enough to hold the paint brush. Grim times! But Hooray it's finished!!
I will put some more pictures up tomorrow of the final developments and the work that I collected today. I will also give you my top 10 maybe 20 of things not to do when 'Becoming A Gallery Owner'.

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