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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Day

Well Swanage avoided snow very effectively until about 11.30 last night. I saw a few flakes fall and thought nothing more of it. An hour later it was falling in earnest, more importantly it was settling. By 1.30 about an inch had fallen it was at this point I thought enough with this insomnia I should get some sleep. I should mention that Matt phoned me at 12.05 to tell me that it was snowing. He proceeded to venture out whilst I stayed put and cuddled my hot water bottle.
I woke up to six inches of fresh snow, and cats who thought the ground was attacking them. It was very funny to watch. It was officially a Snow Day and plans were already in place for snowman building and other snow related merriment.
Swanage only has one road out and that meant that Swanage was pretty much on lockdown, you knew this was the case because you couldn't buy a loaf of bread in the shops. Panic buying had already taken place.
Matt was unable to come to work today day to 'the long treacherous commute to work'. Admittedly he lives up a freakishly steep hill.
Gallons of Mulled Wine were consumed at the Red Lion and 35 people strong snowball fights took place, and I'm fairly certain virtually everyone I knew managed to be in there at some point today.
Now for gallery news, it's a bit up in the air at the moment as the artists whose work was supposed to be coming this week haven't been able to do that due to the snow. My doors which were ordered well over 2 months ago have not shown up yet. My lights need to be fitted. I may have to revert to a January opening which is a shame as I've worked really hard to try and be open before Christmas but there are factors that are beyond my control. For an OCD control freak you can imagine that does not sit well with me.
I've been grumpy on and off all day as I was really hoping to be open and have worked really hard. But I don't want it to be not quite right. Too much effort and energy has been involved to open before I'm fully ready. If everything falls in to place over the next 7 days it could all be back on. So send me as positive many vibes as possible.
Keep warm and keep smiling!

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