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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wake Up! It's A Dutiful Morning!

Who doesn't think that this is true? I get up and the first thing I do is check my emails, I read them with one eye open. I toy with the idea of going back to sleep even though I know I have got plenty to do. But it's cold and I don't really want to. You all know the way this ends up right? Getting up anyway and starting the day regardless of whether I feel ready to or not.
I know that I am far from alone in the whole getting up when you don't want to stakes.
There's a lyric in a Smiths song 'and everything she wants costs money' this is my new life. I have to spend, spend, spend and that means the sooner I earn, earn, earn the better. I have a pile of scratch cards all saying I've won a pound. I virtually win a pound every time I buy one, is it wrong that I am dismissive of these small triumphs as I'm only interested in the big money.
They are advertising scratch cards as perfect Christmas presents, I don't know about you but if I got one as a present I would feel cheated. I'd rather have the pound!
Guess what I need to do at the gallery today? No, go on guess? I have to paint, that's right that's what I have to do. It's all fiddly and and technical. I really don't want to but there are little areas that scream out to me every time I walk into the gallery 'Paint Me, Paint Me Now!'.
I think that Dan may have finished my lights last night so that's quite exciting. I should finish up here so that I can get ready to go the gallery for an afternoon of painting. Great!

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