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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Have Fun and A Happy One!

It is with a few extra pounds (weight not cash) I am writing my post Christmas Blog! I'm sure I'm not alone and I hope that you have all over indulged sufficiently enough to recover in time for the next time on New Years Eve?
I have been attacked by a winter cough which has me hacking more effectively than a teenage nerd with a penchant for I.T. It's been two days now and that's been forty eight hours too long for my liking.
I know you're all wondering what could possibly have happened at the gallery over Christmas. The truth is not a great deal actually. But I have however had my first advert in the local paper. It's very exciting, it looks great.....there is a down side though. They have printed my home phone number as opposed to the business one. Ooops, so that will have to be rectified as I can't have people phoning me at home when I am  at the gallery.
The other things that have happened are Christmas presents, I got loads of great stuff all for the gallery. I got a coffee machine, three liquidisers, a flip video camera and various other small bits and pieces. I hope that with my new video camera I can successfully upload videos to my blog. Then you can see all the exhibitions and keep visually up to date with all the new developments.
I think it is worth telling you that there must be a lot of people surfing the Internet looking for everything rude. The Blog that I called 'Sex, Sex and More Sex' has had so many views this week it's crazy. Oh how disappointed were they when they opened it and read it?? I'm guessing supremely.
Well that's all I have got to say for the moment. I hope that you all have a great New Years Eve and that 2011 is the year that makes you happy.
Have fun and be safe!

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