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Monday, 20 December 2010

My Vocabulary Has Left The Building!

How the white stuff seems to be wreaking havoc with everybody's very existence. Mine included. I have planned a strategy to ensure that everything that I need to do for the gallery is done prior to Christmas. Apparently that is not going to happen. I have been snowbound but not anymore...but people I need to see are still snowbound. I remember the days when I was young and the very thought of snow filled me with anticipation of time off school, snowman building and snowball fights. Now as an adult I worry about delays, car accidents, missed deadlines to name but a few. When did I grow up and put the NO into sNOw? I'm not sure but I suppose since I am my own boss I don't get paid for Snow Day no fun there then. I feel the cold more now and I worry about falling flat on my arse. I am supposed to be writing an article about myself promoting me and the gallery for a magazine but the truth of the matter is I can't think what to write. It would be great if I could just write ' Come to my gallery, it's full of cool stuff and it's a really nice space to be in'. I know that would not cut it. I shall have to continue to ponder that one. I tried to think about whilst playing Harry Potter on the Wii. Apparently that calls for multitasking skills way beyond my control.
I have asked Father Christmas for a skills sharpener and I'm hoping that I have been good enough to get one.
If your life is being totally screwed over by the snow I hope that it rains for you like it did for me and now we have no snow!
I would be eternally grateful if anyone had any words of wisdom about how to sell/promote the gallery. I have done it too well on the website and don't want to keep repeating myself.

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