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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Call on me Gallery, Gallery call on me!

At some point today I pulled all of these faces. But I have to say today was a brilliant day! Other than the fact my blog won't let me upload the pictures I took of the new developments, which does suck as there are so many.
For ease of reading I'm going to work through the faces. Starting with face 1. I opened my emails first thing  only to find that I had been signed up by three electricity companies yesterday. All of them sending me welcome emails. Have you ever heard of the expression s**t twice and die? Well face number 5 was the expression I pulled whilst s**tting twice and dying as they all had my bank details. It soon turned to number 1 as I fired off three heated emails threatening legal action to each company.
So leaving that sewage and death behind I headed to the gallery. I walked up to it an didn't recognize it because my man that can Matt Suttle had torn the sign down revealing more windows. It looked amazing, see faces 5 and 6. I was so blown away by my new frontage (pics to follow won't upload as I mentioned earlier) I walked in full of praise and admiration for his handiwork and managed not to notice for a full 5 minutes that he had taken up the carpet and piled it neatly to one side. I'm sure it was at least another 5 minutes before I realized he'd cut down all the huge wood into manageable chunks and again into neat piles. You've gotta love someone who makes neat piles! Face 6 all the way people!!
We then spent the day listening to drum and bass and chatting 'whilst resting on our brooms'. Working blooming hard.
Matt made me a stable door which I'm going to enjoy serving pints from! I pulled up yet another carpet on my own. Tomorrow me and the talented Lisa Bate are going to try and lay a laminate floor, good times! Probably lots of faces 1,2 & 3 going on tomorrow.There might be more sweating and swearing going on too. Watch this space for an update.
The day was rounded off with dump runs and 1 or 3 drinks at the Red Lion. Thanks to Karen and Tim for letting me leave my car there.
Catch you all tomorrow.

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