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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Paint Gets in your Eyes.

I came home yesterday looking like a much duller  and grubbier version of the picture above. I'm feeling the burn today. I have been working flat out for 6 days both at home and at the gallery. I'm waiting for the floor fitter as he is going to attempt to finish the two rooms he's started.  He's coming at 11.00. The time now is 11.31 and counting.Time is money people. My goals today are to finish painting my office, strip the windows as they are covered in stickers. Start to unscrew 200+ screws that don't appear to serve any purpose whatsoever. I'm watching Diagnosis Murder it's rubbish.
I promise to put the pics on later. I will make myself upload them if it's the last thing I do. My Boss can be a total bitch sometimes. I'm not sure I like her.
FYI it's 11.37 now still on my own.

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